Raw Goat’s Milk

We sell quarts and half-gallons of  raw goat’s milk at our farmers’ market stands. Goat’s milk is easily digested by humans and is often recommended by doctors for children and adults who have cow milk allergies and who are lactose intolerant. Raw milk is rather controversial  in the United States. Many people believe that it nutritionally superior than pasteurized milk. Other people believe that it is potentially dangerous especially to small children, elderly and to people with compromised immune systems. Check with your doctor or pediatrician before drinking raw milk.  Pasteurized goat milk is also available if you would like the benefits of goat milk but do not wish to drink raw milk.

Connecticut law allows the sale of raw milk from farms which  are specifically licensed to sell raw milk. When purchasing raw milk anywhere, be sure it is from a licensed facility. Sale of  raw milk at our farmers markets is done only on  a pre-order  basis. Please email with raw milk requests for pick up at the farm or for pick up at one of our farmer’s market.

The availability of raw milk is subject to the results of routine testing and may not always be available.