Beltane Farm offers day long classes in Goat Husbandry! 2017

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Spend a day at the farm and learn about goats and their care.  New classes are scheduled for  Sunday June 4th,  Sunday June 25th,  Sunday, July 16th.  Classes begin at 7:45 am and run-until about 3:30pm. This multifaceted class will cover the care of goats across the life span and will provide hands on practice in the areas of milking, hoof trimming and injections. In terms of how to care for baby goats, the class will also teach you the ins and outs of the kids and if the weather holds, we will be teaching you how to herd goats. After the outdoor portion of the class is complete, we will head inside and learn how to make delectable cheeses from scratch. The cost of the class is 165.00 per person, and the class only holds a maximum of six participants. Deposits for the class are required, so if you are interested, please contact Paul at 860-208-2887 for more information or send an email to We hope to see you then!